Supervision and project management

The MEP supervision and project management methodology for MEP services involves a comprehensive set of activities to ensure effective coordination, quality control, and adherence to project specifications. Here’s an elaboration on each aspect:

  • Conduct regular coordination meetings with the main contractor and subcontractors to discuss project progress, challenges, and resolutions.
  • Schedule weekly site visits based on work progress.
  • Prepare detailed reports highlighting progress, issues, and recommendations.
  • Review bar bending drawings and the main contractor’s work schedule.
  • Ensure alignment with the approved program of work schedule.
  • Main contractor submits inspection requests for structural work.
  • Consultant inspects and provides comments; DM structural engineer gives final approval.
  • Main contractor raises RFIs for drawing clarifications.
  • Address RFIs promptly to avoid delays in construction.
  • Emphasize the importance of safety for workers and the site.
  • Ensure all contractors adhere to safety regulations.
  • Set a construction duration of 6 months from the building permit issuance.
  • Issue Non-Compliance Reports (NCR) if work deviates from specifications.
  • Provide continuous technical support and consultation as per project specifications and regulations.
  • Review and approve shop drawings, material submittals, and samples on-site.
  • Inspect MEP work based on inspection requests.
  • Provide comments for any required rectifications.
  • Review and approve method of statement requests for installations and services.
  • Ensure compliance with authorities’ comments and regulations.
  • Inspect and check all MEP installations for compliance with project documents and relevant authority approvals.
  • Monitor and check the quality assurance of MEP work.
  • Ensure compliance with client needs and project tender specifications.
  • Provide advice to the contractor for obtaining design NOCs.
  • Ensure prompt adherence to local authorities’ requirements.
  • Review and advise on testing and commissioning processes.
  • Confirm adherence to design parameters and proper MEP system operation.
  • Review and approve commissioning reports, operation, and maintenance manuals, and as-built drawings.
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