Kuwait Project

Project:  Inter-connecting Central Plants (District Cooling System) At Shuwaiekh Campus, Kuwait Capacity: 32,000 TR
Successfully upgraded and enhanced the district cooling system at PAAET Shuwaikh Campus. The project involved interconnecting the existing HVAC Central Plants to optimize efficiency and cater to future expansion needs. The initiative focused on integrating all chiller facilities into a unified district cooling network across the PAAET Campus.
Additionally, centralized control for all chilled water functions has been established, effectively operated, managed, and monitored from a single designated control plant. This enhancement ensures streamlined operations and improved functionality for the entire district cooling system.
Dynamic has successfully executed MEP Design services for the following key service areas:

1. External Chilled Water Distribution via Looping
2. Hydraulic Modelling and Analyzing
3. SCADA interlinking all plants
4. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System for new service building
5. Electrical System (Power Distribution, Earthing & Lighting)
6. Water Supply and Drainage System
7. Additional Chilled Water Pumping Station
8. Additional Transformer, HV Power and LV Power Distribution
Public Authority for Applied Education and Training
Project Management:
Turner international
International Consultant:
Kling Consult International
Construction Cost:
AED 102,000,000
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