Existing DWC, Dubai Facility

Project:  Existing DWC, Dubai Facility – WA-59, WA-60 & WA-61
The Existing DWC, Dubai Facility – WA-59, WA-60 & WA-61, now owned by Hellmann Caliper Healthcare Logistics DWC LLC. This expansive 10,000 Sq.m. facility required specialized climate control solutions for pharmaceutical conversion.

Dynamic, the chosen partner, took on the challenge of designing and supervising the facility with a focus on cost-effectiveness and adhering to a tight budget.
The mandate was to complete the project within a swift 3-month timeframe, inclusive of installing a new transformer for HVAC equipment, addressing additional power requirements, and obtaining necessary approvals from local authorities.

Despite the complexity of the task, Dynamic successfully delivered the project within the agreed timeline, ensuring a seamless transition and meeting the client’s expectations. 
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