Project Mohebi

Project:  Mohebi Logistics in DWC Headquarter & Warehouse

Description: Mohebi Warehouse consists of two phases, each spanning 100,000 sq. m., along with a 25,000 sq. m. office headquarters building. The warehouse comprises an air-conditioned area covering 2/3rd of the facility and a cold storage area occupying the remaining 1/3rd. The entire facility has been designed with the utmost efficiency, adhering to Green Building Regulations and earning a Gold credential.  

Dynamic has successfully executed MEP Design and Supervision services for the following key service areas:

1. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System
2. Ammonia centralized plant with SCADA Automation
3. Firefighting & Fire Alarm system
4. Electrical Systems (Lighting & Power  Distribution)
5. Low current and BMS System
6. LPG system  

Furthermore, Dynamic executed all infrastructure design works.
1. Ammonia centralized plant (21,000 Kw)
2. Complete water recycling solution and efficient system
3. External Chilled water distribution network
4. Fire Hydrant, external lighting, irrigation, drainage and storm water
5. Gas station (ENOC), truck wash and workers facility
6. HV/LV power cables and 2 nos. of substation of total 9 MW
7. External structural cabling

Client: Mohebi Logistics

Main Consultant: Planquadrat Middle East

Construction Cost: AED 500,000,000
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